Monday, August 17, 2009

How To Attain Development Rights Without Crown Approval

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Today, Gaia-Watts will examine the very real opportunity for trade and commerce to enter into the lands of North America north of the 49th parallel without being supervised by Crown Canada.

This portal of entry is the prevailing entitlement of indigenous peoples - or, Original Peoples - to choose with whom they will Treaty.

This is a very real and unique scenario in the land commonly called Canada - which by tradition and custom remains the territory of Turtle Island North [North America] north of the 49th Parallel. And, there are 650 portals of entry that are inviting your inquiries.

So, let's make this perfectly clear:
  1. There are no binding or enforceable "treaties" between the Crown of Canada and Original Peoples. Non are registered at the United Nations - as appears to be required by the Charter membership duties
  2. Original Peoples - or, indigenous peoples - of Turtle Island North represent one of the oldest continuous governing bodies existing in human records. An example being the Coast Salish Peoples, whom science records as having traversed these regions of western North America for more than 10,000 years [similar to Korea]
  3. There are existing "Treaty" discussions on-going between the claimed state nation Canada and indigenous peoples for a settlement of lands and resources
  4. There is no "war" that has transpired between the colonial British forces and these indigenous peoples - through which a "victor with spoils" would have been achieved through international standards
  5. There has not been any abandonment of state nation rights of these Coast Salish Peoples; and, there remain significant custom and traditional practices
  6. "Treaties" by definition are designed to be concluded between nations. There is existing dialogue questioning the capability of Canada to justify its claim of state nationhood against the paramountcy of the prevailing indigenous peoples as citizens of their state nations
  7. In the interim of negotiations there does not appear any prevailing prohibition for Coast Salish Peoples - or, other indigenous peoples - to choose to negotiate with whom soever they do choose.
  8. In conclusion, it is to be considered that the provinces that compose "Canada" were established through a minor league of business enterprises, who chose to disenfranchise more than 90% of the population while forming colonies and provinces into this confederated corporate body Canada. Much appears to have been achieved through specific acts of genocide - including the harbouring of native children into "Residential Schools" where the testimonies remain today of the regimens of torture and hatred that resulted in so many deaths and injuries through policies that originated in Rome in the Papal Bulls of the 1400's; and, England through their Supremacy Acts
  9. Original Peoples wish to move beyond the remaining legacies of assimilation and cultural demise; while also, ensuring a future of education and employment for the general population - both native and non-native; and, a renewed environmental integrity for the natural resources of these plentiful and under-populated lands.
Therein, the provocative environment of contest has arisen, where Original Peoples are looking for the best deal - and, they do not perceive that this "best" deal is being achieved with negotiations through this claimed nation Canada.

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huy'ch'qu' : Thank You Shqwi'qwal Yuxwuletun / Goodwin, RC on behalf of Kwa'mutsun Nation Head Of State STITULMAATULWUT HWUNEEM.